just bought a 2002 saab 93 aero cab - advice sought!

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just bought a 2002 saab 93 aero cab - advice sought!

Legg inn av auswegian » 06 jun 2014, 20:22

so, I treated the wife, a 93 aero cab, in silver...and she loves it.
But, there a few niggles and little things to do, so any tips and being pointed in the right direction would be great.
List of things to do:
needs a cover for the jacking point on the passanger ront side (may as well source a set)..
front passenger side headlight is cracked.
foggy passenger side fog light.
heater acting weird, fan sometimes not turning off (solved by removing fuse when parking up at the moment)
needs an oil change, filter as well as fuel filter (standard when we buy a new car).
looking for some nice wheels to make the car look its best...any ideas? (looking at Rial luguno's at the moment...)
Any upgrades for the stereo? saw one with the sat nav and a bluetooth connection for the phone from a 95 - hard to source or have fitted? also speaker upgrades.
Like to cover the centre console in black alcantara- suggestions as to who could do this...
batteries for key - nobody has them up here in Geilo...
Best oil and how much, intervals, etc.
Exhaust - recommendations to get a bit more of a growl when giving it some...anything this quick needs to have a bit of a rumble...
All and any help sought and vastly appreciated!
I speak and read Norwegian, but honestly, when I write it it is atrocious, don't want to offend anybody.

Other than that, love the car, smile on the face, cool looking cab and wicked fast...

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Re: just bought a 2002 saab 93 aero cab - advice sought!

Legg inn av EdHunter N815 » 18 sep 2014, 11:13

I just stumbled onto this one, guess we don't check out the english forum too often... Anyway, you might have found your answers already, but I guess it won't hurt to answer in case anyone else have the same questions.

-For the covers, I would try a (former) Saab dealer, or maybe http://www.neobrothers.co.uk/index.php. Alternatively you can search http://www.finndel.no for wrecked cars and hope you find one with the covers in place.
-Lights can be bought from most aftermarked dealers such as speedparts, partsforsaabs and maptunparts. Foggy lenses can be polished, 3M makes a kit with all you need.
-The heater fan problem could possibly be related to the relay not working properly, I think it's located in the main fuse box in the engine compartment.
-Choice of wheels highly depends on your price range. If you are looking for cheap ones, http://www.byttdekk.com has a decent selection and reasonable prices.
-I would go for replacing the entire stereo if you are looking to upgrade headunit and speakers. Again, depends on your price range. Pioneer has a kit that enables you to connect the steering wheel buttons to their units, which is nice.
-The next one sounds fairly expensive, think I would consider going abroad if you can't do it yourself...
-Any hardware store will have these batteries; Biltema, Clas Ohlson, Mekk, etc. I often order batteries online from http://www.altitec.no, great service, nice prices and free shipping on orders above 600NOK. :)
-Oil/filter change should be done every 10k km. Any well known brand will do (Mobil1, Castrol, etc), just make sure the oil fulfills the requirements in the owners manual.
-Check out catback exhaust kits from maptunparts or speedparts. If you want something that lasts, I would put in the extra money for a Ferrita stainless steel one.

Finally, you are not going to offend anyone by writing poor Norwegian. :)
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